Settlement & Growth

The first settlers to Herons Creek arrived in about 1875.

Herons Creek district former glory was a significant area for the pioneer timber cutting industry.

In the late 1800's the area was settled by a number of pioneer families many of whom are still represented by their descendants.

Some of the Pioneer families were Cranes, Ducks, Howells, Kennedys, Lathams, Swans, and Wades. They were attracted by the wonderful stands of timber which included cedar. The timber was felled and conveyed to Herons Creek wharf to be taken to mills, by drogher, at Laurieton and Kendall.

Eventually, land was cleared and agriculture began. Maize was the main crop, it used extensively to feed the bullocks as pastures were poor. At this time there were 22 bullock teams here. Then dairy farming began and the milk separated and cream conveyed by horse and cart to the butter factory at Kendall. The skim milk was fed to pigs and calves.

John Flynn was just one of the original Surveyors of our district.

1890s Tom Logan Herons CK  Forestry Camp 1928 

The local life of Herons Creek from settlement & beyond