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About the Area

Herons Creek was a small township AND is one of the  original timber towns on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Today it is an isolated dispersed rural district reclaiming its sense of community.

It encompasses a huge area as north as Bago Rd, west to Cedar & Upper Cedar Creek, south west to Logans Crossing, east to Queens Lake, south to within 1.5 kms from Kew.

The Herons Creek District can now be said to consist of a number of suburbs today, such as Bobs Creek, Cedar Creek, Upper Cedar Creek, Logans Crossing. Some roads have been isolated due to the highway upgrades, forming their own areas, such as Cluleys Rd and Miles Rd. Herons Creek since has become a forgotten town in the Port Macquarie Hastings Council, an area approximately 10 square kilometres with more than 170 homes spread though out the district.

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This district is richly endowed with history.
Herons Creek district former glory was a significant area for the pioneer timber cutting industry. In the late 1800's the area settled by a number of pioneer families many of whom are still represented by their descendants. Herons Creek once was a thriving self-sufficient village. It once had a railway station with regular trains to bigger towns, a hall, corner-shop, garages, Post Office, all which fostered positive connections to members of the community, but these are no longer. The last village shop and garage closed over 6 years ago. Since then the Herons Creek Township has lost its ability to connect as a community.

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Over the past decade the district has become popular with young families and couples seeking a rural lifestyle, some building new dwellings. This has stirred a new sense of seeking a community feel. There is currently no public transport.

Herons Creek residents today are facing a new challenge that will isolate this area more. The Pacific Highway which runs right through the middle of the district has been upgraded to a 2 carriageway freeway, effectively cutting this village into little sectors isolating streets from the rest of the greater community, dividing families and friends.

In 2011, a closed yet historic community landmark, namely St Mary’s Church, was renovated and re-opened as a chapel and community centre. After a decade of silence, monthly events have begun to reignite community gatherings.


Herons Creek Heritage Church

"Herons Creek today faces a big challenge.

It's not just the need to keep this fine building in good repair, but to realize that the witness of this generation will leave its effects on the next." Mrs Evan Dykes, founding member of the Herons Creek St Mary the Virgin Church, 1977

Church History

St Mary's is the only building in Herons Creek that is heritage listed, so it is of much significance to the history of this small township, our region and state.

84 years after it first opened, the historic church was re-opened on Saturday November 26, 2011 complete with an olde days picnic in the grounds.


Re-opening day at the Herons Creek Heritage Community Chapel

Now re-opened it has been used as a church again, and as a community hall for the benefit of the people of Herons Creek. A place for community BBQs, support groups, public meetings and other activitiesas desired, for church services, weddings and funerals.

The church restoration was the dream of Martin Parish and his wife Jeanette Alderson. (Martin is the grandson of Harry and Sarah Parish, former local Post Masters, and eldest son of Kevin Parish).

Join us for Community Non-Denominational Services on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 9:37am.

Church Hire & Weddings

For more information regarding the hiring of the Church, Please contact us.

Visit the Herons Creek Heritage Community Chapel at 49 Blackbutt Road, Herons Creek.