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 Community Spirit and Amazing Effort from Herons Creek Residents


 Please find attached a letter from Mick Hall which sums up our experience, together with a petition.  

 The thing is.  There are many many people who chose to live next to state forests for the amenity it provides.  This amenity has been stripped from us by way of the LEP Amendment 34 which now makes extractive industry permissible in RU3 (state forests) when previously it was prohibited.

 Kind regards   

Maureen Churnside - No New Quarry Herons Creek 


 On the 15th February, a second quarry in Herons Creek on State Forest Land was approved, by the Joint Regional Planning Panel, in the face of strong community objection. The company planning to mine this land at Herons Creek submitted a very poor response to the planning panel’s previous demand for further information, yet the Development Application was approved anyway. The message was clear – it is very difficult to successfully oppose a development. The chairman of the Panel Gary West referred to a recent amendment to The Local Environment Plan, which was changed days before this application was lodged and permitted extractive industries and agriculture on State Forest Land. He stated that he dealt with the current situation (LEP Amendment) and was not responsible for it (not quite his exact words).

 The message from the Council and The Regional Panel is one of legal impotence for the community in opposing developments even on State Forest Land and Crown Land, but it gets worse! In November, a Bill was passed by Niall Blair, Minister for Primary Industries to make the exploitation of State Forest Land and Crown Land by the private sector, easier. It also takes away some Aboriginal rights in the process. The process of putting this into effect will take place this year which can potentially effect between 33% and 42% of our State!

State Forest Land always has been a commercial enterprise, but was intended to sustainably produce forest products forever.

 We need a more balanced legal framework which can make commonsense decisions for our community and you can get in touch with us to sign or even get a copy of our petition calling on council to disallow extractive (mining) industry on State Forest Land and you can also get involved by making a submission about these legislative changes via accessing the website of NSW EDO

 It is essential that the community uses political pressure to protect the environment for future generations. The Herons Creek Community have shown amazing spirit and effort so please support them by signing our petition, and writing a submission or even a letter addressed to Niall Blair, and Lesley Williams, expressing concern for the Governance of Crown Lands and State Forests.

 Petitions can be collected from and returned to Nadine Rose, 9 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie, or from the Three Rivers Greens Website




PETITION  (Return to Nadine Rose, 9 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444)

To: Port Macquarie Hastings Council

 This petition of residents of the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA calls on councils planning department to amend the LEP to disallow extractive industry (mining) on RU3 zoned land.

Principal Petitioner: 

Mick Hall, LGA resident


 Navigators Way Port Macquarie








 Herons Creek Chapel -Keeping Faith with the Community

Chapel logo 

Herons Creek Chapel Newsletter -April 2017

PO Box 292 Lake Cathie 2445       email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

An Important announcement

We are celebrating Easter a week earlier this year!

2017 Easter BW

Actually this Sunday, 9th April

Why??? Not that we like to be first.

Because so many go away over Easter

Come this Sunday for a ‘Pre – Easter’ Service

2017 easter

Community non-denominational Church service held on the 2nd Sunday each Monthly

Come & join us for a down to earth chapel service.

If church is not your thing –  Join us for a yummy community morning tea just after 11am.

There is always a lot to catch up on with local news & events. Everyone welcome.

Logo Address 

We at Herons Creek Chapel have two focuses.. a heart for building a sense of Community & for Heritage - in making a significance in this community.

Check out our brilliant local paper Camden Haven Courier for Easter Services in our district as there will be no service at the chapel over Easter weekend 

Check out    http://www.camdencourier.com.au/  

or some of the main churches in the surrounding area are:

Anglican:    Lakewood               www.havenanglican.com

Baptist:       North Haven         http://www.northhavenchurch.org.au/

Catholic:     Laurieton                http://www.laurieton.org/

Presbyterian:   Wauchope         http://www.wauchopepresbyterian.org/index.html

Other churches can be found on radio Rheema website  https://rhema.fm/churches/

Churches of Christ - Bonny Hill  - Community Church; Uniting Church Laurieton:   and more  


The Easter Cross. It is symbolic of how wide God’s love is. The centre post of the cross proclaims God reaching down from heaven whilst the crossbeam declares his love. And, oh, how wide his love reaches. Have you ever read just one verse in the bible? Then read, John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one & only Son ..”, that’s just part of the verse. It’s so worth reading the rest of it. How wide is God’s love? Wide enough for the whole world, wide enough for you & me.

Have a Blessed & safe Easter 2017  from all at Herons Creek

a special thank you to Crossover for the easter images http://www.crossover.org.au/

 ‘Herons Creek has a new face lift –a new art work to enjoy’.

Port Macquarie Hastings Council and members & friends of Herons Creek Chapel have worked together to negotiated a place at the entrance of the former village to erect a piece of art work, a monument of historic significance.  The sculpture is a steel silhoette of horses pulling a logging trolley and will draw attention to the activities and stories of these timber tramways that ran through Herons Creek in the late 1890’s.  Gone are the days of huge horses dragging the trolley holding the log, slowly moving along timber rails. This was one of the first industries in our district.

   (Bill Boyd with his handiwork) 

                                                                                                  Volunteers enthusiastically assisted Bill Boyd (O.A.M) of Herons Creek to build two replica trolleys for the sculpture resembling the original ones, to give the sculpture authenticity.   Bill was instrumental in the design, and the building of the log bogies using old timber skills to keep it looking as genuine as possible. One set of wheels was kindly donated by Liz of the antique shop, Tragic Treasures, at Kew.   Another was resourced from an old timber mill at Nabiac thanks to a contact through Tom Boyd.

This has been a bigger project than anyone ever imagined and there are so many volunteers from our community & neighbouring districts to thank. This list I will publish another day except to say a HUGE THANKS to all. We were honoured to be joined by Ian McNeil, a researcher, the author of a book on the Langley Vale Timber Tramway (available at Cundletown Museum), and is currently working on a bigger collection of stories  to do with timber tramways in NSW. The joint research took a year in its writing. A 1800mm x 1200mm sign will be erected in the near future telling the story of this incredible tramway story.

      Tanya Newman standing with William Lees                                                              

This new gateway monument was assembled a few weeks -Wednesday when Bennetts Steel truck rolls up with the long awaited steel images to be erected at the entrance to our former village. This was personally overseen by Tanya Newman herself, the managing director of Bennetts Steel.

Attached are a few sneak previews of the manufacturing of the images. We were given an extra surprise the afternoon before the installation when a sneak preview was allowed and I was blown away by what I saw, but there was more. Our budget could only stretch for these steel images to be cut from 6mm steel. As I ponder on the sneak preview it took me a few minutes to dawn that the thicknesses was twice as thick than ordered. What a generous contribution. This monument is one of a kind, and has become a real talking point in our community and soon,when word gets out, to the whole Hastings for some time to come.

Steel sculpture of Horse being welded

To erect a project like this cost a small fortune. An initial grant by the Place Making team from Port Macquarie Hasting Council got this project up and running. Since then, a number of individuals, community groups, small business and companies have got behind the project. A big thank you goes out to Bennetts Steel, Bago Vineyards, Builder-Martin Hocking, Cedar Creek Retreat, Clear Vision Graphics, Herons Creek Public School, iKew Tourist Information Centre, Kendall Heritage Society inc, Kendall Mens Shed, Kulbardi Hill Consulting, PC Pitstop, Tragic Treasures, One Steel, and Ray White Real Estate Laurieton, our sponsors. Our trails committee members are so gratefulness for all the assistance given.

 the Turpentine tramway sculpture - a new monument at the start of the former village on Herons Creek Road, Herons Creek Village

 Come, stand with us as we seek to beautify the main entrance into our former township and stand proud as a community in celebrating our past and our present. Contact Martin Parish 0411426427 /    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or Bill Boyd O.A.M. 0265857022 / 0429857002


 A sign will follow in the coming month to be erected beside the monument expounding on the incredible story that goes with the art work.



Martin Parish

Pastor – Herons Creek Chapel

Coordinator –Herons Creek Trail Committee

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greetings to our readers & supporters, below is an article  compliment of our local paper,  the Camden Haven Courier, 10 June 2015 (page 4) with a few extra notes.


History preserved and restored in Herons Creek Cemetery:

News article Page 4

MONTHS of TLC and rejuvenation work at Herons Creek Cemetery culminated in the historic site's centennial celebrations last weekend.

"The cemetery is not just a burial site, it's an important historic landmark and popular tourist attraction, which tells the story of our area's pioneers and earliest settlers," Port Macquarie-Hastings mayor Peter Besseling said.

"Thanks to Martin Parish and the dedicated volunteers associated with Herons Creek Chapel and Herons Creek Heritage and Tourist Trails, the area is looking fantastic. "On behalf of the local community, I thank you for the many hours of hard work poured into this project.

"I believe there's even a 'bucket list' of improvements to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy and appreciate the site's significance."

Some of the items on the 'bucket list' include glazed bricks to mark unnamed graves, heritage listing, a visual memorial of the historic Turpentine Railway Line and memorial art sculpture with honour board for local servicemen and women.

With the theme 'Making peace with our forebears', last Saturday's celebrations included morning tea, an official ceremony, guided tours of the cemetery and a barbecue lunch. A new picnic shelter was also opened as a gift from members of Herons Creek Chapel.




Attendees. Approx.110 attended


   The Finished Gazebo looking south                                 and looking North

Herons Creek Honour Roll (temporary) – a tribute to all who enlisted during periods of War


Students from Herons Creek Public School open the ceremony singing the National Anthem

First speech: Beau Spry from Port Macquarie Hastings Council - Place Making / Heritage


2nd speech: Peter Besseling - Port Macquarie Hastings Council - Mayor


4th speech: MP - Leslie Williams (Minister) – Electorate of Port Macquarie.


Official Ribbon Opening of Picnic Gazebo & table – Trail Committee with MP & Mayor

Martin’s Address:        “To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source”

Herons Creek would say this differently, “To forget one’s ancestors is to be a tree without roots”.

While Herons Creek might appear a sleepy hollow to outsiders, it is in fact a vibrant semi-rural community working hard to reclaim its sense of identity, reflecting its rich diversity of cultural, heritage & breathtaking scenery; highlighting places that regularly bring the community together. Last year, ‘Herons Creek District Heritage & Tourist Trails’ stage 1 was opened. A project combining culture, heritage, tourism & history through Interpretative signage. The outcome? It breathed in new interest from outsiders (tourism) & pride for locals. Stage 2 (Cedar Way & Great North Way) will be completed when funding comes available.

Our immediate focus is to continue creating places fostering community togetherness. Today we celebrate the centennial of our only community public land in Herons Creek, our cemetery. The community has come together, at a number of working bees, the construction of a picnic shelter, & today, May 30th, the Centennial celebration.

Today, it’s important we know what the building blocks of the future communities are. Heritage & our past stories are things to be valued. Cemeteries, like this one, are vital places to be treasured, as we build towards tomorrow & make sense of today.

At Herons Creek Chapel, we are passionate about our Community and passionate about Heritage. We are also passionate about God, too.

This is just a beginning, as the community has a number of projects on their bucket list, as we preserve past stories as a foundation for the future of our community-ness.

Finally, I finish with this quote;  “A death is not the extinguishing of a light, but the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come”.


A special thank you to the following sponsors & contributors who made this all possible.

  •         Port Macquarie Hastings Council – ‘My Community is Ace’ funding (thank you Beau & Paul for all your help)
  •         CONCRETOR Allan Stutsel from Kendall
  •         MICHAEL’s METAL LAND at Kempsey
  •         the guys at KENDALL MENS SHED
  •         Martin Hocking Builder
  •         Boral Concrete at Port Macquarie
  •         Coles Supermarket Port Macquarie.
  •         Woolworths at Lake Cathie & Port Macquarie
  •         Camden Haven Courier for promoting / articles
  •         ABC - Cameron Marshall
  •         Leslie Williams M.P.
  •         Herons Creek Public School students & staff
  •         Our Painter – Fred Keppeler from Herons Creek Vineyards (Roseneath Rd)
  •         every Op Shop who donated the artificial flowers or sold them at heavily discounted prices.

A special thank you to all our volunteer workers.. too many to mention everyone but a few to note

•        Ron Morris (a very special thanks as Ron managed the project of building the gazebo) and Thea too.

•        Margaret Lamb (poured many loving hours into cleaning, caring for & decorating the graves)

•        Bill & Betty Boyd, my mates Wayne Fletcher & Doug Pope & friends at North Haven Baptist.

And we can’t forget some former residents who drove hundreds of kilometres to encourage us at our working bees & today too.

The mystery gravesite identified = Joyce Evans. 

Breaking News: Port Macquarie Hastings Council has just announced a grant to Herons Creek Chapel to tick another item off our bucket list. We will be receiving 2/3 of the cost to erect a ‘living/art’ style monument /sculpture using the medium of heritage & art, on one of the earliest historic landmarks in Herons Creek, ‘the Turpentine Tramway line’. This is a grant to help foster community building & identity. This project has now been bumped up to the top of our list.  More information will be place in weeks on www.heronscreek.com.au


Martin Parish

Pastor – Herons Creek Chapel

Coordinator –Herons Creek Trail Committee

Editor – www.heronscreek.com.au

 Huge Farming & timber cutting equipment sale in Herons Creek- SUNDAY 16th December 2018 @ 10.30am. Some items are collectable. 

Bill Boyd's collection is up for grabs as he is retiring from farming.



Clearance Sale


Sunday 16th December 2018 – 10:30am Start


On Site – 484 Blackbutt Road, Herons Creek NSW 2443


Account: Bill Boyd


1964 Fordson Major Tractor plus blade disc choppers, Massy Ferguson 135 Tractor, Sawmill driven by Fordson motor, 4 cross cut saws, chain harrows, rotary hoe, bike spray unit, Hand held and sundry tools, some antique bullock yolks, old chainsaws, belt pulley for 275 International, belt pulley for Fordson Major and so much more!






All bidders must register - photo ID required with current residential address


Strictly cash or cheque payment on the day - NO EFTPOS




For further details contact the office on (02) 6562 6600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2016-17 Herons Creek Summer Movies under the Stars starts tonight

 We are kicking off ‘movies under the stars’ with a brilliant movie, rated PG for all the family.

Friday 30th December with supper between 7.15pm - 7.55pm. Please click read more.  

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