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In saying I DO, do mobiles get first place?

Hi, its Martin.

When you want to waste 30 seconds

Here is a link to watch a very short video (30 seconds) of a bride texting at the beginning of her wedding ceremony when the minister is laying out the importance of marriage, a Godly institution.

As a minister & a celebrant, I've always ask the audience to silent or better still, switch off their phones, (more dangerous for me if it is an outdoor ceremony as I will more than likely forget to turn my off). But there now is a case to get the message to the bride, as well. (laugh!)

Not sure if I was the minister, if I could keep on talking, or if I would had stopped for a minute.

Again & More importantly, This is when you want to waste a minute whilst enjoying a breather or a cuppa.

I've always wondered if this would ever happen? By the sound of the accent, first recorded in the USA,

Though I dare to say, we aussies would win the award for being 'the worst social media' offenders


P.S. The Chapel at Herons Creek is an ideal place to exchange vows, if you or a family member or a friend is looking for a place to marry. Contact Martin: 0411426427

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XPT timetable changes

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October 16, 2013

Media Release

Vinnies tells government: "It's time for new thinking on poverty"

The St Vincent de Paul Society National Council marked Anti-Poverty Week today by launching Two Australias: a report on poverty in the land of plenty.

The report outlines practical recommendations for the new government in the light of the facts on poverty in prosperous Australia. It explains that for those who have been left out, choices are few and deprivations are many and that, in the provision of the fundamentals such as housing, health, education, and access to meaningful employment, governments must do what markets cannot.

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Camden Haven Anglican Church in Mission Terrace in Lakewood are holding their annual Spring Fair on Saturday 26 October

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A state of emergency across all of NSW has been called in anticipation of Catastrophic conditions this Wednesday 23 October.

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