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Herons Creek Chapel is proudly encouraging everyone to attend a Special Christmas Event: Christmas carols followed by the newly released movie. “The Christmas Candle” by Max Lucado. Monday 22nd December at 6.30pm. Please click read more.  

Irene Leonie ADAMS
16 June 1940 to 29 November 2014
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baker hunter  paula wedding shot 

Photo Courtesy from Camden Haven Courier 14/01/14. Hunter & Paula on their wedding day.

The article below appeared in the Camden Haven Courier (what a wonderful local paper) this week (14.01.2014) on page 20, called ‘A resolution to last 60 years’. Its a story of 60 years of marriage of Hunter & Paula Baker. Hunter grew up in Herons Creek. All of us from Heron Creek Chapel congratulates and pass on our love to Hunter & Paula on this special occasion.

The Baker family were one of the early settlers in the Cedar Creek District. Mrs Emily Baker, donated the majority of the land that Herons Creek Chapel now sits on as a gift to the people of Herons Creek back in 1925 to build the chapel (completed in 1926). Mrs Emily Baker didn’t stop there, she also paid the remaining debt after the chapel was constructed and the chapel was opened debt free.

 Herons Creek will always be indebted to our early settler families who gave so much of themselves to build & foster this community. It is our hope this year we will be successful in obtaining more funding to continue to tell these rich stories of our ancestors such as the Baker family. Hunter & Paula story is below with a great pointer for all us in marriage in preserving intimacy and communication.

 Now for those who are wondering what I meant by majority of the land, back in the 1990s another wonderful family donated the top end of the chapel grounds. The farm adjourning the Chapel had sold a few times over the next 80 years. The land from the entry doors of the chapel to the back fence-line (the area we enjoy our morning teas & where our toilet outhouse is) was actuallypart of the next door neighbours - John (Jack) Alexander & Dulcie (McCarthy) Boyd. Jack & Dulcie mowed & maintain the grounds & chapel for decades. When Jack died, his children (Daphne Latham & her siblings)- donated this final piece of land. Jack & Dulcie children were - Dallas (dec’d), Daphne, James (dec’d), Ken (dec’d), Fay, Neil (dec’d), Dorothy, Colleen (dec’d).  



Just a reminder for our readers,

8th February (Sunday) at 9.37am. Monthly Church Service

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Our next community services is on this Sunday (the 2nd Sunday of each Month) at 9.37am.

We hope you can join with us on the 8th February. It’s been too long.

Encourage your neighbours to come with you.

For those who may be worried the ceiling will fall in….  for what ever reason, can I encourage you to join us for a yummy morning tea at 11am. You don't need to come to the service to join us for morning tea.

There is always a lot to catch up on with local news & events and its truly is wonderful seeing the community getting together. Our concerns for Herons Creek Rd between the cemetery and Kew has deteriorated worse than ever with all the rain. It was dangerous before the recent rain. We encourage you to ring the Port Macquarie Hasting Council and make a complaint. It seems that when we raise any concerns the first thing council does is to see how many complaints they have received by phone, email or letter. It's really worth voicing your concerns. We also understand that Old School road is just as bad if not worse. So we value your input as we as a community address this issue.

Anyway, it truly matters that you make it to our monthly morning teas. And you don't need to be religious to join us at our monthly church service - a perfect place to pray for our local community & mix with real down to earth folk.

Congratulations to Betty Boyd for her award recently, 2015 Senior Citizen of the Year. A special morning tea to show how thrilled we all are.

There will be an update with how we are progressing with our new toilet upgrade too.

All Herons Creek residents & friends are welcome.

 “Movies under the Stars” – our 4th Season over Christmas / New Year was a big hit. 

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